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Happy New Year! There are so many choices when it comes to swag. We created Swagger to curate the best swag from the best brands–it’s got to be cool, covetable, and sustainable.

We’ve pulled together The Top 8 Swag Trends of 2022 which make it easy to give the best of the best corporate swag to your employees and clients. Read on!

1. Bamboo: Lap Desk, Drinkware and More!

In sustainable circles, everyone knows that bamboo is officially "in." 

Bamboo is the perfect solution for reusable drinkware, sustainable silverware, and much more. You can even get a bamboo lap desk for your laptop, writing needs and snacking. Many products made of plastic are now available in bamboo and a much better choice for protecting our planet.

As a material, bamboo is sustainable, strong and full of beauty. Bamboo has an overall positive environmental impact as it doesn't harm native species. So, when you use it for swag, you're using it for good!

2. Self-Care

Self-care is trending, and for good reasons. We've all been through a lot over the past couple of years, and it's time to partake in some serious self-care with swag that will make your employees and clients sit back, relax and feel rejuvenated.

Some popular ideas: gift essentials for an at-home spa day, such as essential oil diffusers, comfy robes, candles and yoga mats. Finish it off with branded sustainable journals (for some gratitude journaling) and you'll have a full day of self-care in one simple swag package.

3. Sustainable Blankets: Do Good, Feel Good

Regardless of the season, blankets are a year-round necessity. Everyone loves to snuggle up in a comfy blanket. It’s one of the most useful and coveted pieces of swag.

There is a wide range of eco-friendly brands and materials that are sure to impress your employees and clients. Some of our favorites are sustainable blankets from Rumpl and Newly – made from plastic water bottles!  Sackcloth & Ashes makes beautiful blankets and donates a blanket with every purchase. Gifting blankets never felt so good.

4. Hybrid Workplace Essentials

As more and more companies choose to switch to a "hybrid" model, it's time to start offering swag that matches this transition. Why not make working from home and from the office a breeze with sustainable products that are easy for employees to take to and from? Think: Reusable drinkware, silverware, and containers that are lightweight, durable and made from sustainable materials. 

5. Smart Tech

Tech items that are now even smarter and more sustainable! Brands like Courant and Nimble are creating products that are superior in speed, quality, and design. The products and even the packaging are made from sustainable and recycled materials.
Wireless power banks and headphones are must-haves for hybrid workers and travelers, alike. Put a Rocketbook into their swag kit and prepare them both for working from home or browsing the web from their next vacation spot. 

Finish off the collection with a set of Bluetooth speakers to make laptop movie nights stand out and group Zoom meetings amazing. 

If you want to show your employees or clients some appreciation, give them a tech gift they'll love, and love using.

6. Upgraded Wearables & Accessories

Jackets, sweatshirts & backpacks are some of the most popular corporate swag gifts. These can all be made with sustainable materials and now they feature integrated tech components like heat panels and solar panels. That is corporate swag that is on another level! Employees and clients will be raving about these for years to come. 

7. Bags

There is a work bag for everyone! From the backpack to messenger bag, to crossbody bag–the list goes on. The work bag has become a foundational item in many companies’ new hire kits. It is then filled with branded drinkware, notebook, pen, hat and more. Many companies choose a variety of styles and colors and then allow the employee to select their favorite bag. 

8. Luxury Swag: When Less Is More

Yep, we are big believers in less is more. Most importantly, one meaningful gift can be more impactful and that is always more environmentally friendly too. 

Leather goods are luxurious and long-lasting which makes for very special corporate swag gifts like journals, passport covers, luggage tags and more. 

For employees that travel for work and leisure, a custom piece of luggage from brands like Solgaard or Away is always a big hit.

For coffee and tea lovers, a kettle or mug from Fellow is always memorable. 

From sustainable blankets to smart tech to luxe leather, you can mix & match the trends to fit your swag needs.  We’re ready to create your company’s standout swag for 2022. Fill out this short form: Let’s Do This. 

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