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Sustainability is more than a buzzword—it's the heart of today's smart shopping choices, shaping the future of how we buy and live. At Swagger, we're not just talking the talk, we're walking the walk. Sustainability is our mantra, and we're on a mission to connect our clients with the coolest, most eco-conscious brands out there. Enter Timbuk2 —the brand that's redefining what it means to be sustainable and stylish.

Custom branded Timbuk2 bags are the real deal. It's branded swag that’s not only eco-friendly, but they also come with a lifetime guarantee. Yeah, you heard that right. These bags are built to last, making them the ultimate gifts that keep on giving. So, why do we love Timbuk2 backpacks, and why are we convinced you'll be head over heels for them too? Keep reading to find out why your custom swag should be Timbuk2.

All About Timbuk2

Rewind to 1989. Rob Honeycutt, a bike messenger in San Francisco, had a lightbulb moment. He was all about the high-quality messenger bags that were his constant companions on the road. But Rob wanted more —he wanted to elevate these bags and make them accessible to the masses.

He knew that city life called for something more practical than bulky backpacks or tiny purses. So, he set out to craft a better, more functional bag. The birth of Timbuk2 bags was transformational. These branded backpacks are the epitome of cool, sustainable, and perfect for anyone constantly on the move. Whether you're rocking a custom messenger bag, a prospect laptop backpack, or the classic custom backpack, you're in for a treat with Timbuk2 company branded swag.

Timbuk2's Promise

Timbuk2 is on a mission to make what they do count. Sure, like any business, they're after return customers. But they're not about to sacrifice the planet for a quick buck. They've turned their back on traditional business models by using sustainable materials and crafting bags that are built to last.

With every bag crafted to endure the urban jungle and beyond, Timbuk2 is making a statement: quality and sustainability can go hand in hand. And if your bag does take a hit, they've got your back with repairs and a lifetime warranty.

In a world of disposable fashion and fleeting trends, Timbuk2 stands to prove that it's possible to be both cool and conscientious. So, if you're looking for branded merch that's as tough as you are and as bold as your ideals, you've found your match.

Why Swagger is Obsessed with Timbuk2

Take a stroll through the Swagger office, and you'll see Timbuk2 backpacks everywhere. These bags seamlessly transition from work to play, and they're a testament to our shared values of sustainability and quality.

Timbuk2's dedication to keeping their products out of landfills is something we can't get enough of. Their branded backpacks are more than just accessories—they're a statement. They're the perfect corporate swag that leaves a lasting impression and aligns with our eco-conscious ethos.

Timbuk2 Bags: The Ultimate Corporate Branded Swag

Branded Timbuk2 bags are where style meets functionality. They're ready for anything, whether you're commuting to work or jet-setting on an adventure. And let's not forget, "Timbuk2 gives a damn." They're not just talking a big game—they're living it, with San Francisco-local manufacturing, recycling efforts, and a legacy of over 30 years of producing top-notch, sustainable bags.

Since 2014, not a single Timbuk2 bag has been sent to a landfill. That's not just impressive; it's a statement. Timbuk2's unwavering dedication to sustainability, quality, and durability is what sets them apart. At Swagger, we're proud to partner with a brand that not only delivers exceptional company swag but also shares our vision for a greener, more sustainable future. Looking for more company swag inspo? Dive into our 2024 Trends Lookbook.

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