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Sustainability has become a primary factor when making purchasing decisions. At Swagger, sustainability is job one. In everything we do, we aim to connect our customers to the most sustainable brands. One of our favorites is Timbuk2.

Branded Timbuk2 bags are sustainable and come with a lifetime guarantee, making them perfect, long-lasting gifts. We're here to discuss why we love Timbuk2 backpacks–and why we know you'll love them, too!


All About Timbuk2

In 1989, Rob Honeycutt had a vision. As a bike messenger in San Francisco, he loved the versatility and functionality of high-quality messenger bags that accompanied him on his travels. More than just appreciate the bags on his own–he wanted to make them better and accessible to everyone.

Rob knew that city life didn't lend itself to bulky backpacks or tiny purses, so he set out to create a better, more functional bag. With the launch of Timbuk2 bags , he knew he’d succeeded.

Branded Timbuk2 backpacks are stylish, sustainable, and perfect for a busy person who's always on the move. Whether you get a Timbuk 2 custom messenger bag, a Timbuk2 custom prospect laptop backpack, or just the basic (but high-quality) Timbuk2 custom backpack, you won't be disappointed.

How They Give Back

In addition to making high-quality sustainable bags, Timbuk2 proves that they’ve got their customers’ backs in more ways than one.

Like any other business, Timbuk2 relies on return customers. And while they use high-quality, durable materials for their products, they still rely on the fact that these products may one day wear out and that their customers will come back to buy another product. That's just business.

But at Timbuk2, their business doesn’t come at the expense of the planet. They work differently. To keep their high-quality products out of landfills, they use sustainable materials and make every custom Timbuk2 bag as durable as possible. Most importantly, they repair bags that rip and offer a lifetime warranty.

Why We Love Them

One glance around the Swagger office and you're bound to find one or more staff members carrying a custom Timbuk2 backpack. And that same Timbuk2 custom backpack transitions seamlessly from work to your next hike or weekend trip in style.

We love their commitment to keeping their products out of landfills and keeping their customers happy. Branded Timbuk2 backpacks are the bags that never quit. Put it all together and you’ve got the perfect corporate gifts that will leave your customers and employees feeling great–and won't leave you feeling guilty.

In short, we love a brand with a mission and a lasting commitment to sustainability.

Branded Timbuk2 Bags Make Perfect Corporate Gifts

Branded Timbuk2 bags are stylish, functional, and long-lasting. Whether you're going to work or taking a trip, they'll be ready to keep your belongings safe.

And in their own words, “Timbuk2 gives a damn.” More than talk the talk, the brand walks the walk by living, manufacturing and recycling locally–all in the city of San Francisco. Timbuk2 is also one of the few brands that can claim a 30+ year legacy of making super high-quality, highly reusable and recyclable bags.

Bottom Line: Since 2014, ZERO Timbuk2 bags have been sent to landfills. Wow.

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