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Brand We Love: S’well

At Swagger, we strive to provide our clients with products that make an impact. We do the leg work, choosing brands that align with our values. S'well has made the cut.

S'well is famous for making sustainable bottles (which we love). Now, they've expanded their product line to include a wide range of curated products for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Read on to learn why we're proud to partner with S'well–and why you're sure to love them, too!

All About S'well

S'well started with high-quality water bottles perfect for everything from a long workday to a hot summer hike. Every custom S'well water bottle can keep liquids cold for up to 36 hours and hot beverages warm for up to 18 hours. In other words, no matter what you're drinking, branded S'well water bottles are the right way to go.

Beyond water bottles, S'well saw a community need for even more sustainable products, so they dove into R&D to create other high-quality sustainable products, including bowls, cutlery, and even snack containers for eating on the go.

They prioritize sustainability without sacrificing quality, and that's what makes a custom S'well containers a perfect choice for your company swag or employee gift.

Why We Love S'well

In a world struggling to stay green, S'well values sustainability. At Swagger, we love partnering with brands who share our passion for sustainable and versatile products that anyone would want and everyone can use.

Also important to us is that S'well was founded by an innovative female CEO, Sarah Krauss. Sarah saw the harm that the disposable plastic water bottle industry was causing to the environment (not to mention people's wallets). In any area where tap water is drinkable, plastic water bottles are wasteful, but still many people resist carrying bulky bottles.

Sarah combined style and function to create a water bottle that people would actually want to use, re-use, and then use again! These durable bottles stand up to endless washes and usage, helping save money and protect the environment.

How S’well Gives Back

Not only does S'well make sustainable products, they also do their part to give back to the community. Notably, they give back to the people who need it most: children.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, S'well recognized the need for accessible water for children in schools where standard water fountains (read: germ collectors) were no longer safe.

They distributed water bottles to schools in 3 countries and thirty-five states to make sure that all children had a bottle to refill throughout the day that wasn't a plastic bottle that they'd have to buy from a vending machine.

For many people, a re-usable water bottle might not seem like a luxury. For a child, especially a child from a low-income household, it can be a game-changer.

S'well Custom Bottles: The Perfect Company Swag

When it comes to sustainable drinkware, S'well is the industry standard.

S’well didn’t break the mold, they invented it. And they did it with style and ingenuity, fusing form and function to make a water bottle that is every bit a fashion statement as it is a climate-saving hero. Bottom Line: For water bottles with your brand name–and real swagger–think S’well.

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