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“Green Your Head” proudly stated on the classic Atlantis sustainable beanie. For over 25 years, Atlantis has been crafting beautiful, sustainable headwear and we couldn’t be more impressed with their sustainable beanie. 

Atlantis represents the exact type of company we look to partner with because of our shared passion for putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do. When we first discovered the Atlantis brand, we knew we would be a good match. They are the perfect combination of Italian style, quality, and innovative fabric technologies.  Plus, unlimited customization options, cutting-edge, sustainable fabrics and manufacturing practices. All these attributes add up to a selection of headwear (beanies, caps & hats) unparalleled in the world of swag.

The Benefits of Sustainable Headwear

Brands that put sustainability at their foundation not only deliver a quality product, but also ensure your new headwear makes a positive contribution to the environment. They do this by:

  • Reducing waste production
  • Lowering CO² emissions
  • Minimizing the amount of energy consumed

What Makes The Atlantis Beanie Sustainable?

The process to make sustainable beanies uses green resources. This includes multiple recycled materials and green manufacturing processes.

Some sustainable clothing brands also offset their carbon emissions. Atlantis does this by partnering with companies to plant more trees.

Here are just a few reasons why sustainable headwear can make a big difference in the environment. 

1. Less Waste

A sustainable beanie, such as those from the Atlantis brand, helps the environment by producing less waste. They rely on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, which use fewer harsh chemicals and less water.

By using recycled materials like Polylana, recycled polyester and organic cotton, it prevents discarded materials from taking up even more space in landfills. The more we can invest in sustainable clothing and accessories, the less we'll rely on landfills.

2. Lower Emissions of CO²

It's not news that greenhouse gasses contribute to global warming. This includes carbon dioxide, which traps heat in the atmosphere. Plus, these gases are bad for your health. 

The process used to manufacture the Atlantis sustainable beanie and other headwear reduce the amount of carbon released vs. the traditional production of non-sustainable clothing. 

3. Lower Energy Consumption

Sustainable clothing from forward-thinking companies like Atlantis uses approximately 54-67% less energy per 1kg of woven fabric produced. This helps conserve natural resources and reduce air and water pollution. 

What does it mean for you? Conserving energy makes a difference. When you use less energy in your home, at work or anywhere else, fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, which is better for your lungs and helps conserve the already-limited amount of resources we have. 

The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

If you want to make the biggest impact with sustainable clothing & accessories, then you need to buy from reputable companies. Atlantis headwear is one of our favorite options for sustainable headwear. It accomplishes 100% sustainability in multiple ways:

  • Use of organic cotton
  • Use of recycled cotton
  • Use of recycled polyester
  • Manufacturing using dope dying

If you're unfamiliar with dope dying, it requires less hot water and chemicals than other dying processes. 

While we love the brand for its sustainable products, we also love that they don't sacrifice quality. The Atlantis brand infuses the Italian spirit into their product line, so you get a great balance of sustainability and style which is the Swagger way.

Give A Sustainable Beanie

The sustainable beanie makes for great swag. Atlantis offers beanies in a wide range of colors and styles.  Swagger will then partner with Atlantis to customize your company logo on a leather tag, a patch, embroidery and more. The sustainable beanie is a popular item in new hire kits and sales kickoff packages. You will feel good about giving a sustainable gift that your employees and clients will be proud to wear and you’ll be protecting the planet too.Let’s chat about sustainable beanies and more for your employees and clients. Fill out this short form: Let’s Do This!

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