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Are you on the lookout for notebooks that are not just stylish but also kind to our planet? Well, let us introduce you to Moleskine®, a brand that's all about marrying elegance with environmental responsibility. They've got this amazing range of notebooks (and more!) that are perfect for creating company branded swag that's totally in sync with your company's values.

And guess what? Swagger is excited to be partnering with Moleskine to bring you custom product options that are not only easy on the eyes but also easy on the environment. So, let's dive in and explore all the wonderful things about Moleskine that make it a Swagger favorite for custom swag that's all about making a positive impact.

About Moleskine

Moleskine® Soft Cover Ruled Large Notebook and Moleskine® Soft Cover Pocket Notebook laid out on top of each other design by Swagger.

Moleskine has been a shining star in the world of eco-friendly stationery for quite some time now. The brand was created in 1997 by a small Milanese publisher, Modo&Modo, who wanted to bring back the classic style of notebooks that were popular among artists and writers in the 19th and 20th centuries. They're all about using sustainable materials and practices to create their products. And let us tell you, their notebooks are not just about looking good—they're designed to last long and feel amazing to use.

Moleskine is also serious about ethical manufacturing practices. They make sure their products are made in places that stick to fair labor standards. So, when you choose Moleskine company swag for your team or clients, you're not just getting something stylish—you're getting something that's been made with a whole lot of care and respect.

Here's something else that's super cool: the Moleskine notebook isn't just any notebook. It's the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by some of the greatest artists and thinkers over the past two centuries, like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. How amazing is that?

How Moleskine Gives Back

Children that are a part of the non-profit organization Room to Read.

You know what's really cool about Moleskine? They're not just about making awesome notebooks. They're also all about giving back and supporting all sorts of amazing initiatives that focus on creativity, education, and looking after our environment.

One we at Swagger are obsessed with is Moleskine's partnership with the non-profit organization Room to Read, which focuses on improving literacy and gender equality in education across Asia and Africa. Through this collaboration, Moleskine has helped fund the construction of libraries and schools, providing children in underprivileged communities with access to quality education and a chance to unleash their creativity.

Choosing Moleskine for your corporate swag means you're not just picking something that looks good. You're also supporting a brand that's dedicated to doing good things in the world. When you opt for Moleskine notebooks as your corporate branded swag, you're contributing to a cycle of positivity, helping to spread the joy of learning and creativity to corners of the world that need it most.

Why Swagger Loves Moleskine

Woman wearing the Moleskine® Classic Pro Backpack standing in front of the Eiffel Tower curated by Swagger.

Here at Swagger, we're all about finding branded merch that's not just nice to look at but also nice for the world. And Moleskine? Well, they're the perfect fit. They offer high-quality, ethically made notebooks that are just right for custom branding. Whether you're after classic notebooks, planners, or smart writing sets, Moleskine has got you covered.

Customizing Moleskine products with your company's logo or message is a fantastic way to spread the word about your brand while also supporting sustainable and ethical practices. It's like a double win—for your business and for the planet!

But here's the thing that really makes us smile: Moleskine's commitment to sustainability. Their notebooks are crafted with an eye toward reducing environmental impact, using eco-friendly materials like FSC-certified paper. This means that the paper comes from forests that are managed responsibly, ensuring environmental, social, and economic benefits. Plus, Moleskine is always looking for ways to minimize waste and use resources efficiently, making their notebooks a choice you can feel good about.

So, when we say we love Moleskine, we're not just talking about their stylish designs or the smooth writing experience they offer. We're also celebrating their dedication to sustainability, which aligns perfectly with our values at Swagger. It's about more than just creating beautiful notebooks—it's about making a positive impact on the world, one page at a time.

Sustainability Meets Style with Moleskine

A person holding Moleskine® Hard Cover Notebooks designed by Swagger.

Moleskine is here to show us that style and sustainability can totally go hand in hand. Their notebooks are not just eco-friendly; they're also super stylish, making them a big hit for company swag that employees and clients will absolutely love to use.

From creative brainstorming sessions to everyday note-taking, Moleskine's range has something for every occasion. Not only classic notebooks, Moleskine offers Smart Writing Sets that include pens and notebooks where you can transcribe, search, edit, and share all your handwritten content and notes from anywhere as long as you have the Moleskine app. Even more cool, all of your notes will be immediately digitized and safe as soon as you write them.

And by choosing eco-conscious stationery, you're sending out a super positive message about your company's commitment to taking care of our planet.

Ready to Make a Statement with Swagger?

Man standing in front of a painting wearing the Moleskine® Metro Rolltop Backpack designed by Swagger.

Are you ready to take your corporate branded swag to a whole new level? If eco-friendly and stylish stationery sounds like your kind of thing, then Swagger is your go-to for the most sustainable and sophisticated swag out there. We're not just about slapping your logo on some throwaway branded merchandise. Oh no, we're here to help you create a collection that's all about spreading cool, showing off your brand's values, and respecting our beautiful planet.

Moleskine is all about bringing a smile to your face and a touch of kindness to the environment. Their notebooks are elegant, sustainable, and oh-so-chic—perfect for making a statement that's about more than just looking good. It's about showing the world that your company is all about making a difference.

At Swagger, we've got all your swag needs covered under one roof. From beautifully branded gifts to ready-to-shop swag stores, we take care of kitting, warehousing, inventory, and on-demand shipping. We're here to partner with you on stylish swag that they'll want to show off and you'll be proud to give.

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