Let's Do This

Every second, 1,500 plastic bottles end up in landfills or the ocean. In our world, where many people have access to clean drinking water and water filters, this is a vast and unnecessary problem.

MiiR wants to fix that problem (and then some). With every purchase of a custom water bottle, thermos or tumbler, MiiR makes a real difference. That's why we want to share them with our clients. Pleas read on to learn more.

All About MiiR

The founder of MiiR, Bryan Papé, had a revelation one day after a serious skiing accident. While he enjoyed his job as a social media expert, he wondered whether or not it was "enough" and considered what he wanted his legacy to look like.

He saw a need for change. At the time, bottled water was all the rage, and large water companies were being wasteful. People who wanted to stay hydrated didn't always have other viable options. Reusable water bottles were already on the market, but they were strictly utilitarian.

Bryan decided to create custom MiiR water bottles. And he knew his bottles had to be both stylish and functional so the average person would ditch disposable alternatives.

He then decided to set aside some of his profits to help the community and deepen his impact beyond the environment.

MiiR has since grown beyond simple water bottles. You can get a custom MiiR travel tumbler, a custom MiiR growler, a custom MiiR mug, and more. They have an impressive range of stylish, sustainable products.

How They Give Back

Aside from the environmental impact of encouraging people to leave behind disposable water bottles in favor of reusable ones, MiiR's founder commits to bettering the community as a whole.

MiiR partners with nonprofits that align with their philosophy. They've granted millions of dollars to nonprofits in 26 countries. These nonprofits do everything from providing water to people who don't have access to it to overall improving sustainability.

With every branded MiiR mug and branded MiiR travel tumbler that you buy, you're helping the brand make a difference.

Why We Love Them

We love that MiiR makes a real impact with every MiiR tumbler and custom mug. They don't sacrifice fantastic design for sustainability. Instead, they make products that people want to use and then use a portion of the profits to make a difference in the world.

At Swagger, we share the same values. When we want to provide our clients with perfect corporate gifts, MiiR is an obvious choice. A custom MiiR travel tumbler is a gift people want, need and will gladly use.

Give Your Clients the Gift of a Custom MiiR Water Bottle

A custom MiiR water bottle or a branded MiiR tumbler is a perfect corporate gift, and we're proud to offer this brand.

MiiR is the maker of premium stainless steel vessels that are sustainable and functional. And MiiR proudly donates to initiatives that help to promote a healthy environment, clean water, and strong communities. Bottom Line: Sustainability, great design, and a grateful attitude add up to the perfect product–and partner brand.

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