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Marine Layer Custom Clothing: What You Need to Know

Custom company swag can boost employee morale and inspire loyalty in clients–but often at the cost of the environment. So, how do you find sustainable swag?

That's our mission. At Swagger, we look for brands that prioritize quality, sustainability and style, and Marine Layer custom products have made it to the top of our list.

Let's take a look at Marine Layer's story and why this laidback Californian brand makes the cut.

About Marine Layer Custom Clothing

Marine Layer is built on the idea that creating clothes should be a zero-waste process.

Have you ever had a favorite shirt that you couldn't get rid of? Do you have that one I-can't-live-without-it tee on its last, threadbare legs?

Sometimes we just get attached to our clothes, which can make them difficult to leave behind. One sustainable solution to this dilemma is the inspiration behind Marine Layer.

The Re-Spun Program

Marine Layer uses the Re-Spun Program to recycle donated old clothing into new custom clothing. You can get that soft feeling of an old favorite t-shirt from day one with Marine Layer clothing.

The Re-Spun Program rotates through four steps for zero waste and quality fabric.

  1. Donate Your Old Tees

    If you're sentimental, this may be the hardest but most rewarding step. Donate your old tees to Marine Layer so that they can contribute to a greater cause.

    Since you can't wear your comfy tees forever, recycle them to create something new!

  2. Get Credit for Your Donations

    You benefit from more than supporting a great cause–you get paid!

    Each tee donation is worth $5-$25 in credit that you can apply to the purchase of new Marine Layer custom clothing.

  3. Your Old Tees Become Recycled Yarn

    As you know, Marine Layer is all about sustainability through recycling. They break down your old tees and create new yarn for quality clothing.

    Old tees are uniquely soft, and this brand uses that time-worn softness to create the comfiest of custom fabrics.

  4. Your Old Tee Is Reborn

    Voila! Your old tee has reached the end of the Re-Spun lifecycle and become an entirely new product. This is the power of zero-waste recycling.

    If, for whatever reason, your donated material can't be recycled through the program, Marine Layer will donate it to other organizations for recycling.

Why We Partner With Marine Layer

We chose Marine Layer for the brand's innovative recycling system and absurdly soft clothing. Sustainability is at the core of Marine Layer, but we also love their dedication to quality.

Marine Layer stands by a "7-day weekend kinda lifestyle"–and we agree! Who doesn't love wearing comfortable clothes every day of the week?!

Sustainable Marine Layer Swag for Your Company

We believe in the future of sustainability, and Marine Layer custom clothing provides quality swag without hurting the environment.

Ready to treat your employees or clients to products that inspire them to live more sustainably? Just fill out this short form: Let’s Do This!

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