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Drinkware + Sustainability = Clean Water

Looking for a brand that takes water bottle design as seriously as its sustainability goals? Meet Elemental. This BIPOC (Black, Indigeneous, and people of color) brand is dedicated to ensuring that eco-friendly culture becomes a lifestyle rather than just a trend. They create products that support sustainable practices and are committed to making long-lasting changes around the world. 

About Elemental 

Elemental launched in California in 2016. Two young entrepreneurs created a stylish and sustainable water bottle backed with a powerful goal in mind. 

Their mission is to inspire people and businesses to strive for a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. This is not only for the preservation of the planet but for the well-being of its inhabitants. 

Their drinkware line now includes water bottles, mugs and tumblers complete with gift set options featuring simple yet elevated sustainable packaging.  

Elemental has an ongoing give back program and donates 1% of monthly orders to Charity: Water which is committed to bringing clean water and a better life to the 785 million people around the world that need it most.

Elemental Drinkware 

Everyone knows that one time use plastic clogs up our landfills and takes hundreds of years to decompose. That’s where Elemental comes in. Great quality, reusable water bottles, mugs and tumblers are made with sustainable resources. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns and unique shapes and sizes with unexpected functional details like the silicone strap. Their super versatile tumbler is BPA-free and made with materials that are safe for the environment and for you. It keeps your drink cold up to 24 hours and your hot drinks for up to 12 hours. Most products also feature a non-slipping bottom and easy gripping silicone.

Sustainability is a Lifestyle at Elemental 

We can all take simple, yet impactful steps to living more sustainably. One of the most important is avoiding all one-use plastics and making the switch to reusable drinkware. Elemental has made sustainability a lifestyle with their wide range of eco-friendly water bottles, mugs and tumblers in multiple styles and colors. Don’t forget, with each product they sell, Elemental gives back 1% of orders to their partner Charity: Water, who is committed to bringing clean water to those that need it most.

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