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Are you looking for custom swag that's not just cool but also kind to Mother Earth? Well, buckle up, because we're about to introduce you to Day Owl—a brand that's turning heads and turning the tide on sustainability.

Swagger is over the moon to be partnering with Day Owl, bringing you a lineup of corporate swag options that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the environment. So, let's dive headfirst into the Day Owl universe and discover why they're the talk of the town in the world of eco-chic swag.

About Day Owl

Woman wearing Day Owl's sustainable backpack, designed by Swagger.

Day Owl is on a mission to prove that sustainability doesn't have to be boring. Founded by Ian Rosenberger in 2020, the brand was born out of a desire to create a more circular and responsible fashion industry. Ian, who had previously founded Thread International, a company that transforms plastic waste into fabric, saw an opportunity to take this concept further by designing bags that are not only stylish but also sustainable.

With a vision of promoting circular fashion, Day Owl is all about crafting bags that are drop-dead gorgeous and eco-friendly to the core. These aren't just any bags—they're a fashion statement with a conscience. Ian's passion for sustainability and his background in turning waste into wearable materials have been the driving forces behind Day Owl's innovative approach.

What sets Day Owl apart is their obsession with recycled and responsibly sourced materials. Whether it's their iconic backpacks or their versatile tote bags, each product is a testament to their commitment to the planet. Under Ian's leadership, the brand continues to push the boundaries of eco-friendly fashion, proving that you can look good, feel good, and do good all at the same time.

How Day Owl Gives Back

Person holding Day Owl's backpack made in partnership with The First Mile.

Day Owl doesn't just talk the talk; they walk the walk when it comes to giving back. Their partnership with The First Mile is a game-changer, turning plastic bottles collected in developing countries into durable, recycled polyester for their bags. This initiative is a win-win, slashing plastic waste and boosting local economies by creating jobs and promoting recycling.

Choosing Day Owl for your corporate branded swag is more than just a style choice—it's a vote for a brand that's committed to making a real difference. With every Day Owl bag you rock, you're supporting a movement that's all about positive impact and sustainable vibes.

Why Swagger Loves Day Owl

A woman holding a Day Owl backpack, showcasing its stylish design and functionality, curated by Swagger.

Here at Swagger, we're all about curating branded merch that's not just a feast for the eyes but also a force for good. And let us tell you, Day Owl is a perfect match for our eco-conscious ethos. Their bags are the epitome of style meets sustainability, and we can't get enough of them.

Customizing Day Owl products with your company's logo is a no-brainer if you're looking to make a statement about your brand's commitment to the environment. Whether you're in the market for backpacks, tote bags, or other swanky accessories, Day Owl has got the goods to make your branding dreams a reality.

But what really gets us jazzed about Day Owl is their unwavering dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. From their use of recycled materials to their community support initiatives, Day Owl is a brand that's doing the heavy lifting for a better tomorrow. And by choosing their products for your company swag, you're joining the ranks of eco-warriors and style mavens who are making a difference, one bag at a time.

Sustainability Meets Style with Day Owl

Day Owl's mini backpack holding key travel essentials, designed for both style and sustainability, curated by Swagger.

Let's get one thing straight: Day Owl is proof that you don't have to sacrifice style on the altar of sustainability. Their bags are the ultimate fusion of fashion and eco-friendliness, making them a top pick for company branded swag that's sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or jet-setting on business trips, Day Owl's bags are your trusty companions, blending durability, functionality, and undeniable swag. And by choosing these eco-conscious beauties, you're sending a loud and clear message about your company's dedication to planet-friendly practices.

Ready to Make a Statement with Swagger?

A professional setting with a Day Owl bag prominently displayed, curated by Swagger.

If you're itching to elevate your corporate branded swag with a dose of sustainable style, Swagger is here to help. With Day Owl's collection of eco-friendly bags, you're all set to create a range of branded merch that's not just easy on the eyes but also easy on the conscience.

Day Owl's bags are more than just accessories; they're a declaration of your brand's values and commitment to making a positive impact. So why wait? Team up with Swagger and let's make a statement with your branded merchandise that's equal parts fashionable and environmentally responsible. Let's show the world that when it comes to style and sustainability, you can have your cake and eat it too!

At Swagger, we've got all your swag needs covered under one roof. From beautifully branded gifts to ready-to-shop swag stores, we take care of kitting, warehousing, inventory, and on-demand shipping. We're here to partner with you on stylish swag that they'll want to show off and you'll be proud to give.

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