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What’s better than recycling? Reusing. Carhartt is the kind of brand that gets passed down across generations of workers. That, combined with Carhartt’s Code of Conduct that safeguards environmental protections, responsible working conditions and fundamental human rights makes Carhartt a brand you want to partner with.

Carhartt prides themselves in partnering with organizations that share the same commitment as them: building a better world. They’re dedicated to listening, understanding, and working with the right people, partners, and organizations that can help put their words into action. Carhartt products are durable and ready to take on any job in any season. Their products are worn by the hardest-working people of them all.

With Carhartt, you're getting durable clothing and joining a movement that values quality, longevity, and a commitment to the planet. Read on to discover why Carhartt is one of Swagger’s top picks for sustainable custom swag.

All About Carhartt

An assortment of Carhartt reworked coats and jackets curated by Swagger

Since its inception in 1889, Carhartt has been synonymous with rugged, no-nonsense workwear. But there's a hidden layer to this legendary brand—a fierce commitment to sustainability that goes against the grain.

Carhartt is revolutionizing the game by weaving recycled materials and organic cotton into their tough-as-nails clothing. This move isn't just about reducing their environmental impact—it's about offering a bold, sustainable choice for those who demand more from their gear.

But Carhartt doesn't stop at materials. They're on a mission to shake up the industry with ethical manufacturing practices. By holding their suppliers to high standards of fair labor and relentlessly pursuing ways to slash waste and energy use, Carhartt is proving that sustainability and durability can go hand in hand. Even more, they offer this eco-friendly wear for your corporate branded swag.

How Carhartt Gives Back

National Park Foundation and Carhartt logos with woman standing on a rock in the middle of the desert.

Carhartt is leading the charge in sustainability, and they're not shy about it. Their commitment goes way beyond their top-quality products. They're deeply involved in community initiatives and environmental conservation, making a real impact where it counts.

Carhartt's really stepping up their game in sustainability, supporting groups working on land preservation, wildlife conservation, and outdoor education. They get how crucial it is to look after our natural world and are all in on making a real difference.

Take their partnership with the National Park Foundation, for example. Carhartt continues to invest in projects that keep our national parks looking great and staying healthy. It's all about making sure these amazing places are around for future generations to enjoy.

And it's not just talk—the proof is in their commitment to sustainability in the way they design and make their products. They're all about using sustainable materials and methods, so their gear isn't just tough—it's also kinder to the planet.

So, when you wear Carhartt, you're teaming up with a brand that's serious about sustainability and making a positive impact. It's a win-win—you get great branded swag, and you're helping make the world a better place!

Why Swagger Loves Carhartt

Dog wearing Carhartt Chore Coat from the Swagger 2024 Trends Lookbook.

At Swagger, we're all about brands that walk the talk, and Carhartt is a prime example. Their commitment to sustainability, combined with their legendary durability, makes their gear a standout choice for your eco-conscious branded merch.

Carhartt's apparel isn't just about getting the job done; it's a bold statement. It screams that you're all about high quality, unbeatable toughness, and giving a nod to Mother Nature. These threads are built to last, so you're not just tossing another worn-out piece of branded swag into the landfill every few months.

Even more, Carhartt makes hardworking, warm wear for your dog, from their Chore Coat to Sherpa Top Dog Bed, ensuring your furry friend stays cozy and comfortable while braving the elements. With durable construction and thoughtful design, your dog will be well-equipped for any adventure, whether it's a chilly morning walk or a rugged outdoor excursion. So, even your pup can sport corporate swag.

Choose Carhartt for Your Company Swag

Man in Carhartt sweatshirt standing on the beach can be custom branded by Swagger.

When you rock Carhartt, you're not just suiting up for the grind or the wild—you're making a statement that's as cool for you as it is for the Earth. This company branded swag is built to take on whatever, without taking a toll on the planet. It's the kind of branded merchandise that embraces tough times and rough weather, all while keeping it green.

In a world drowning in throwaway fashion, Carhartt shines like a sustainable superstar. Wear it with pride, knowing you're backing a brand that's all about doing right by the planet.

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