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Many companies have started to make the shift to a hybrid work schedule as they ask employees to come back to the office. After nearly two years of remote working, this is a delicate transition as 64% of workers would consider quitting if they had to return to the office full-time.

Leaders are looking for ways to make the return to the office a smooth transition and creating opportunities to make their teams feel welcome and reconnected to their co-workers and their office environment. Back-to-the-office employee swag is one way to create camaraderie, build loyalty and make a positive connection. There are so many eco-friendly, sustainable swag items that are useful as employees are spending more time commuting and in the office. Read on to learn more.

Top Sustainable Gifts for going Back to the Office

Swagger has a wide range of creative swag ideas that balance functionality with style and are always sustainably minded. From water bottles to notebooks to portable chargers to backpacks and more.

A new work laptop bag or backpack makes a great gift and vessel to deliver new swag items! When it comes to a back-to-the-office or welcome kit, we love including several products in one handy bag, like a sustainable Timbuk2 bag. Make it a laptop bag for an extra functionality boost.

For meetings, eco-friendly notebooks and pens are great everyday basics that will be used on repeat by every employee.

Branded water bottles are useful both in and out of the office. S'well and MiiR make some of our favorite sustainable bottles and we know that your employees will love them too.

The options are limitless. Don't settle for boring welcome back swag kits when your employees deserve so much more and Swagger makes it easy to deliver just that.

Back-to-the-Office Employee Swag: Appreciation & Retention

Swagger makes it easy for companies to create, shop, store and ship employee swag. We are the end-to-end swag solution handling all the details while you get all the credit!

The "great resignation" is still a factor for many, and that means that employers need to work harder than ever to retain their talent. By offering your current employees sustainable gifts that they can use either in the office or at home, you're letting them know that they're valued and important to the greater team.

Company swag gives employees a sense of pride and unity as they are part of something bigger.

What About Welcome Kits for Newcomers?

Sure, your current employees are getting gifts, but what about the new talent that you're bringing into the office? Whether they're remote employees or they'll be working with you in person, it’s a great way to welcome them to the team.

Assemble welcome kits for employees that you can give them during the onboarding process.

From their first day, new employees will know that you've anticipated their arrival and that you've created a thoughtful welcome gift to make them feel included. They'll also be given some important tools for the job!

How Will You Welcome Your Employees Back?

Are you ready to create the perfect back-to-the-office employee swag? Swagger is your end-to-end swag solution. Let's do this!