Let's Do This

Meet the brand creating a positive impact, one amazing t-shirt at a time. Allmade was started in 2017 by regular people, for regular people. It all began with an idea to create t-shirts that were sustainable, functional, stylish and ethical–from the ground up. They didn't want to become part of the fast-fashion problem they witnessed firsthand at previous companies. 

At Swagger, we choose to partner with the best of the best brands. Why? Because the brands behind the swag we create are of equal importance. We are thrilled to introduce you to Allmade. products that our customers and clients will love.

About Allmade

The Allmade story starts with their ten founders traveling through Haiti together and experiencing first-hand the economic and environmental challenges for garment workers. Through exploration and education, they learned the positive impact they could have on people and the planet by doing it differently. 

And so, Allmade was born.

Creating a better t-shirt was also creating better lives. It was at that moment they realized creating dignified fair wage jobs would empower the people of Haiti to take care of themselves and their families. This would lead to breaking the cycle of poverty and child abandonment. 

Eco-Friendly Values and Impact

Allmade has stayed committed to creating a covetable collection of tees that stay true to their original values of making quality products that are safe for the environment. Allmade tees are made from recycled bottles, renewable trees, and organic cotton. A combination that reduces carbon and waste, and saves water. By buying Allmade t-shirts instead of fast-fashion tees, you're already making your carbon footprint smaller! 

It's true that it gets more difficult to stay sustainable when you're running a large-scale operation, but this hasn't stopped Allmade. They are transparent about the factories that produce their apparel. They choose factories with good working conditions and proven commitment to sustainable practices. 

On top of providing high-quality apparel that makes an impact, Allmade educates customers on sustainable living via their eco-friendly blog where they provide resources to help all their customers live greener lives.

Why We Partner with Allmade

The founders of Allmade set out on a mission to disrupt the t-shirt industry. They saw the negative impact of fast-fashion brands and how other t-shirts were (and are) filling landfills and slowly harming our planet.  

We have shared beliefs and goals: our foundation is grounded in sustainability, we create high-quality, thoughtful products with purpose, and protecting our planet is a priority. Are you ready to improve the way you do swag? Swagger is ready to partner with you. Fill out this short form: Let’s Do This!

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